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Growing yasnippet code snippet collection for various thi.ng libraries:


cd ~/.emacs.d
git clone git@github.com:thi-ng/snippets.git thing-snippets

Then add directory to yasnippet search paths (in init.el):

(add-to-list 'yas-snippet-dirs "~/.emacs.d/thing-snippets")

Available snippets

Namespace choosers

Useful for importing various thi.ng lib namespaces in a :require spec:

thi.ng/color specific snippets

  • csscol => convert color to CSS string
  • cosgradient => cosine gradient gen (with preset chooser)

thi.ng/geom specific snippets

(Targets latest API state in dev-branch)

  • exportmesh (with type chooser) => export mesh in different formats
  • importmesh => import mesh (currently STL only)
  • ptfmesh => convert point seq to bezier to PTF mesh
  • txmat => 4x4 transform matrix (translate, rotate, scale)