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Orbotron 9000
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This is the software repository for the Orbotron 9000, a small interface
board designed to stand between old RS232 serial devices and the USB-HID
interface modern computers expect.

It is organized around the Atmel 32u4 and harnesses the Arduino development
environment (at the present writing it is compatible with 
Arduino version 1.0.3).  The repository is organized into several 

libraries/      Arduino libraries and examples
hardware/ 	Modifications to the Arduino build environment
kicad/          KiCad files for the schematics and boards

To use this software:

Many (if not most) people will only need the drivers.  Simply have these in
a directory and point Windows to it by selecting "Update Drivers" from 
Device Manager.

In both Windows 7 and Windows 8, you will have to go through a few extra steps
as driver verification is turned on and these drivers (essentially the same
as those for the Arduino save some ID changes) are not signed.  A web search
for "unsigned drivers windows 8" or similar should turn up useful methods.

If you wish to extend the functionality of the Orbotron 9000, you will want to
upload custom sketches to the board.  This will require a bit more effort.

1. Install the Arduino 1.0.3 environment
2. Copy the "hardware/orbotron" directory into your arduino/hardware/
   directory (so it should be arduino/hardware/orbotron).
3. Copy the "libraries/orbotron" directory into your arduino libraries 
   directory (usually "c:\users\yourname\arduino\libraries"

You should then be able to start up the Arduino environment and try uploading
an example such as "BasicJoystick" from the Orbotron library.  Don't forget
to change your board type to "Orbotron 9000"!
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