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JTA - Telnet/SSH for the JAVA(tm) platform

(c) Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meißner 1996-2005. All Rights Reserved.

Please make sure you read and understood the documentation that comes
with this software. The documentation explains about the most common
problems encountered and contains information about the license this
software is covered by. By using this software you agree to the terms
and conditions laid down in the license. For a quick start the license
is provided in the "license" directory in text format.

As it seems there are situations where people cannot agree to the license.
Please contact us to discuss the terms and conditions for a commercial
license. Use the address mentioned at the bottom of the file.

The most current version of the software can always be found at:

The directories and files contained in the distribution contain the
following information:

	You are currently reading this file.
	Contains a list of source files and their respective revision
	number. This may be useful to find our which files have
	changed since you last updated the software.
	This file contains all the comments for the changes made to
	the source files.
	Contains scripts and additional helper programs.
	This is the root package name for the software. It contains
	all Java related source files.
	The documentation for the source is contained herein.
	Using the make file to compile the source and building jar
	files will result in the packages to be stored in that
	Implementation of native methods for different platforms.
	Contains the license this software is covered by in text format.

We provide this software with confidence that is useful. If you feel that
you would like to repay the authors you may do so by either sending a
postcard or whatever you think is appropriate to either Matthias or Marcus.
The mail address can be achieved by sending an email to either
or or both.

Quite a lot of people have helped us to debug the software and make it
better by giving us new ideas to implement. If you feel that an important
feature is missing do not hesitate to contact us. We thank all those
who have already done so.

Thank you for using the software.

	Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meißner

	info at


JTA - Telnet/SSH for the JAVA(tm) platform






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