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PHP Completion (AutoComplete)

Powered by: Thizer Aplicativos e Sistemas

A PHP autocomplete for Brackets

With this plugin you will be able to auto insert local variables, attributes and methods from the hierarchical tree, constants, defined functions, namespaces, classes, interfaces, etc...

Yes, I mean a full and robust autocomplete code for PHP on Brackets.


To install you can download it as a zip file and extract to ~/.config/Brackets/extensions/user/ folder. But we strongly recommend you to install on the Brackets as following:

File menu > Extension Manager... > Available > Search input field > Type php completion

It will download and also manage updates.


  • Find properties and methods after type $this (including parents classes)
  • Find local (class and/or document scope) variables when type something starting with $
  • Find classes (about all documents)
  • Find by local variable which is a class instance visible properties and methods (with parents)
  • Find simple functions from scope
  • Find constants from known scope
  • AutoComplete Namespaces and Uses
  • Organize Uses
  • Go to definition by Ctrl + Click over