Java access to systemd via D-Bus
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Java access to systemd via D-Bus. Java D-Bus bindings (dbus-java) are required.

This library shall:

  • Provide Java access to systemd interfaces via D-Bus (Manager, Unit, Service, Target, etc.)
  • Provide adapters for the internals of the dbus-java API in order to
    • ease the access to systemds methods and properties
    • omit automatic (and low-performance) reflection stuff being done in dbus-java
    • provide observer-like patterns for objects along D-Bus signalling


Documentation and instructions how to use this library can be found in the Wiki.


Unit tests are based on TestNG and Mockito. Test methods which require a deployed systemd environment are grouped in TestNG group "requireSystemd". There are two TestNG suites available:

  • src/test/resources/suites/auto-systemd.xml (executes all tests)
  • src/test/resources/suites/auto.xml (excludes group "requireSystemd")


LGPL v2.1 and AFL 3.0.


These are no "official" Java bindings for systemd via D-Bus. I only work on it if the following requisites are met:

  • The kid is sleeping
  • My wife is hacking on her medical research topics
  • No beers in the fridge