USB Keyboard Adapter for old ThinkPad keyboards
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make boot    # Build USB DFU bootloader
make all     # Build actual keyboard application

Initial flash programming

Unfortunately, the STM32L052 does not have a built-in USB bootloader. So the initial programming has to be done using a SWD adapter. A cheap STM32 discovery board will do fine.


Use the ST-LINK utility to flash obj_boot/f00b00t.hex and obj_app/nucular_kb.hex.

Hint: You can also copy the ST-LINK utility to Tools/st-link and use make to do the flashing:

make boot_flash
make flash


Use Texane's stlink utility to do the flashing:

sudo st-flash --reset write obj_boot/f00b00t.bin 0x08000000
sudo st-flash --reset write obj_app/drquad.bin 0x08010000

Hint: Read the st-flash documentation and install udev rules to flash without root privileges.

Flash programming with DFU bootloader

After the USB DFU bootloader has been flashed, the application can be updated without any external tools. Press FN+POWER on your keyboard to enter the DFU- bootloader mode.


Use ST's DfuSe Application to flash obj_app/nucular_kb.dfu


Use Openmoko's dfu-util to flash the application:

sudo dfu-util -D obj_app/nucular_kb.dfu


The application uses a generic HID endpoint to print debug messages. This endpoint is fully compatible with PJRC's [hid_listen] ( program.

The program (source and binaries) is included in the Tools directory.

Eclipse settings

  • Download and configure Eclipse Luna:

    • Help -> Install new Software -> Add
      • Name:
      • Location:
    • Install the following plugins:
      • Programming Languages
        • C/C++ Development Tools
      • Mobile and Device Development
        • C/C++ GCC Cross Compiler Support
        • C/C++ GDB Hardware Debugging
    • PyDev
      • PyDev for Eclipse
    • Collaboration
      • Eclipse Git Team Provider
  • Window -> Preferences

    • C/C++
      • Build -> Console -> Limit console output: 5000
      • Editor -> Scalability -> .. number of lines: 50000
      • Editor -> Folding -> Enable folding of preprocessor branches
      • Code Style -> Formatter -> Import: Docs/Codestyle.xml
      • Code Analysis -> Uncheck all options
    • General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Spelling -> Disable spell checking

Import Project

  • File -> New -> Makefile Project with Existing Code -> Toolchain for Indexer Settigns: Cross GCC

  • Project -> Uncheck "Build Automatically"

  • Project -> Properties -> C/C++ General

    • Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros, etc. -> Providers
      • CDT GCC Build Output Parser: arm-none-eabi-gcc
      • CDT Cross GCC Built-in Compiler Settings: arm-none-eabi-gcc -E -P -v -dD "${INPUTS}"
  • Make Target Window, Right Click -> New...

    • Target-name: all -j8
    • Target-name: clean