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Simple object pooling for Unity with easy to use API
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Object tub

Object tub is a simple and easy to use object pooling system for Unity games.

Screenshot Screenshot

Usage setup:

  • Import ObjectTub.unitypackage into your project.
  • Make sure to include scripts and prefab in the import, the example folder is optional.
  • Use the ObjectPool and PoolableObject classes as explained below:

ObjectPool usage:

  • Create a GameObject in the scene called ObjectPool, and attach the ObjectPool script to it (You can also use the prefab of the ObjectPool)
  • In scripts that need to create instances of objects, use ObjectPool.TakeObjectFromTub(prefabOfObjectToCreate)
  • You will need to use the ObjectTub namespace to access the ObjectPool, so include using ObjectTub; at the top of scripts that use the object pool
  • In scripts that destroy instances of objects, use ObjectPool.PutObjectBackInTub(objectToPutBack). Again, put using ObjectTub; at the top of scripts that need to do this
  • Pre-warm the object pool by specifying in the inspector of the ObjectPool script which objects and how many of each to instantiate when the scene loads

PoolableObject usage:

  • Objects that will be managed by the pool should extend the PoolableObject abstract class

  • Implement the methods to specify what the object should do when it's taken out of the pool and put back in the pool:

  • InitializeForUse() is called when the object is obtained for reuse Example things to do in the implementation of this method: Initialize game stats like HP, stamina, etc Allocate resources the object needs, such as files to read from Reset the object's transform and rigidbody's velocity and angular velocity

  • PutAway() is called when the object will be deactivated and put back in the pool Example things to do in the implementation of this method: Stop sound effects the object is playing Release allocated resources Stop particle effects

Making a build of the package:

  • In Unity, do Assets -> Export Package and select all asset files
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