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    makessl            -d domain [other-options]

    Generate an SSL certificate with some options.

    Required option
    -d STRING           Domain (asterisk for wildcard required)

    Subject related options
    -c CC               Country the company resides
    -s SS               State or canton of the company
    -l TOWN             City or village
    -o ORGANISATION     Name of your company
    -u ORGUNIT          Organisational unit
    -a "DNS:domain,DNS:domain,IP:"
                        Overwrite X509v3 Subject Alternative Name for selfsigned certificate
                        Default: common name/domain provided with -d

    Non-subject related options
    --sha1              Use sha1 instead of sha256
    --rsa INTEGER       Define RSA key size
                        Default: 4096
    --private-key PATH  Specify a custom private key
    -e|--encrypt        Encrypt the private key
    --force             Force overwriting private key
                        Can not be used with --renewal
    --renewal           Uses existing key for renewal
                        Can not be used with --force
    --selfsign          Self sign the certificate
    --days DAYS         Set validity period for selfsigned certificate
                        Default: 365 days
    --keyusage OPTS     Specify X509v3 Key Usage for selfsigned certificate
                        Default: digitalSignature,nonRepudiation
    --extkeyusage OPTS  Specify X509v3 Extended Key Usage for selfsigned certificate
                        Default: serverAuth
    -p|--prefix STRING  Prefix for file names (e.g. SSL_)
    -f folder PATH      Where to generate the CSR and private key
                        Default: (/Users/michael.tanner/git/easyssl)
    -h|--help           This help