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Parallax 3D library

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Cross-platform Java 3D SDK

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Current status of Parallax 2.0 is beta

Parallax 2.0 is completely new Java 3D SDK. We wanted to make it as simple as possible. If you know how to use three.js you can start quick, because Parallax implements almost all threejs API. But also you have a set of tools and libraries to write cross-platform 3D applications.

Parallax SDK allows you to write 3D application for the following platforms:

  • Browsers (GWT) - ready
  • Android - in the pipeline, should be ready in Parallax 2.0
  • Desktop Window, Linus, OS X - future

Quick start

We prepared Parallax SDK application template. Go to the parallax-application-template project and just follow the manual to make your first Parallax application.

Parallax 2.0 SDK will be in the maven central repository, but snapshots are located in the sonatype repo:

<!-- pom.xml example -->

Parallax SDK contains the following main packages:

  • parallax - Parallax SDK core. Should be included to all applications
  • parallax-gwt - Parallax for Google Web Toolkit platform, to run your 3D applications in any modern browsers.
  • parallax-android - Parallax for Android platform.
  • parallax-controllers - Cross-platform Extension to use mouse, trackball etc
  • parallax-loaders - Cross-platform Extension to load models, fonts etc
  • parallax-renderer-plugins - Cross-platform Extension for post-processing rendering etc
  • parallax-renderer-css-gwt - GWT platform Extension for rendering using CSS.
  • parallax-renderer-raytracing-gwt - GWT platform Extension for experiments in raytracing rendering

To launch Parallax 2.0 SDK GWT tests run:

gradle :tests:parallax-tests-gwt:superDev

Change log | 1.x Download | 1.x API Reference | 1.x Demo

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