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should kickoff an MSBuild command when a git push is, erm, pushed

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GIT and MSBuild, some what together, kind of....

basic idea is as follows:

  • Create a new bare git repo (mkdir ; cd ; git init --bare)
  • In the ProjectName folder, create a folder called builds
  • Copy the files in the gitHookFiles into the hooks folder
  • Run the EXE. it takes a param of the builds folder.
  • Create your project as standard. git add the files and add the remote folder. (check the GIT book if your not sure)
  • Git push Master
  • Once pushed, the EXE should kick off and build your file. it will tell you where the build files live.


  • Eventually add email support to tell you where your files can be picked up
  • maybe setup building for web packages
  • look into using Powershell instead of an EXE to do the work... this might allow for easier modification


StackOverFlow question on using PowerShell for Git Hooks

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