a naive imperative json parser in perl6, to evaluate performance against JSON::Tiny
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a naive imperative json parser in pure perl6 (but with direct access to nqp:: ops), to evaluate performance against JSON::Tiny. It is a drop-in replacement for JSON::Tiny's from-json sub.

Currently it seems to be about 5x faster and uses up about a fourth of the RAM.

There should be some more speed attainable through tuning, micro-optimizations, re-introducing the block flattening optimization in rakudo and other stuff.

This module also includes a very fast to-json function that tony-o created in tony-o/perl6-json-faster.

Exported subroutines


    my $*JSON_NAN_INF_SUPPORT = 1; # allow NaN, Inf, and -Inf to be serialized.
    say to-json [<my Perl data structure>];
    say to-json [<my Perl data structure>], :!pretty;
    say to-json [<my Perl data structure>], :spacing(4);

Encode a Perl data structure into JSON. Takes one positional argument, which is a thing you want to encode into JSON. Takes these optional named arguments:


Bool. Defaults to True. Specifies whether the output should be "pretty", human-readable JSON.


Int. Defaults to 2. Applies only when pretty is True. Controls how much spacing there is between each nested level of the output.


    my $x = from-json '["foo", "bar", {"ber": "bor"}]';
    say $x.perl;
    # outputs: $["foo", "bar", {:ber("bor")}]

Takes one positional argument that is coerced into a Str type and represents a JSON text to decode. Returns a Perl datastructure representing that JSON.