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Simple Ant tasks for compiling C++ code via the command line with Visual Studio or GCC
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       ===== Welcome to the cpptask Ant Project! =====

This project provides a simple C++ command-line compiling Ant task
for use in your Ant builds. It was born out of my general frustration
around not being able to get the simple results I wanted out of the
<cc> task in the ant-contrib packages.

This task really just provides a thin wrapper around basic command-line
tools for compiling C++ code. Rather than attempt to provide a massive,
fully featured, "will do everything on all compilers" task, this task
provides a simplified wrapper with basic support for setting paths (to
source, includes and libraries) and symbols. More direct access to the
compiler is provided by allowing (requiring) you to set the compiler
and linker command line arguments directly.

This task is predicated on the notion that you already know the options
to pass to the compiler to get it to do what you want, and provides only
help for specifying source, include and library paths, but that's about

The cpptask project is provided an Open Source Software and released
under the Common Developer and Distribution License (CDDL).

Usage Example
To make the task available in your build, you must ensure that the
cpptask.jar file is in your ANT_LIB directory (or otherwise available
on Ant's classpath) and then define the task in your build file as

<!-- bring in the cpp compiling ant task -->
<taskdef name="cpptask" classname="com.lbf.cpptask.CppTask"/>

Consider the example Ant build snippet below:

<cpptask outfile="${build.dir}/complete/test13"
         linkerArgs="-arch i386">
    <fileset dir="${test13.src.dir}" includes="**/*.cpp"/>
    <includepath path="${hla13.include.dir}/ng6"/>
    <includepath path="${hla13.src.dir}/hla/time"/>
    <includepath path="${cppunit.include}"/>
    <define name="RTI_USES_STD_FSTREAM"/>
    <library path="${ng6.complete.dir}" libs="RTI-NG"/>
    <library path="${cppunit.lib}" libs="cppunit"/>

This compiles all the selected code from the ${hla13.src.dir}, using
a few different include paths and specifying a few defines.

Attributes and Options
You can specify the following attributes against the task:

  * outfile:      The name of the file to generate.
  * objdir:       The directory to dump intermediate object files into.
  * outtype:      Can be "executable" or "shared". General exe or library.
  * compiler:     The compiler to use. Supports "g++" or "msvc".
  * compilerArgs: The command line arguments to pass to the compiler.
  * linkerArgs:   The command line arguments to pass to the linker.

You can specify any number of the following four types in the body of
the task:

  * fileset:     Set of all source code to be compiled. Standard Ant fileset.

  * define:      Symbol definitions to be included for the compiler

  * includepath: For specifying a value to be appended to the include path.
                 You can specify multiple paths with the system path separator
                 or you can specify the tag multiple times.
  * library:     Takes a path and a comma-separated list of libraries to load
                 when linking takes place.

Building cpptask
To build this project, just check it out and run the provided Ant build
file with the "jar" target (or use -projecthelp to get a list of all public

 The littlebluefrog labs
The littlebluefrog labs is the name given to a bunch of projects created by
a small group of developers who share a common background and workplace.

For more information see:
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