Generates diff markup for two strings.
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A port of John Resig's Javascript Diff Algorithm posted here:

Build Status

Build Status


Installing node-diff

  $ [sudo] npm install node-diff


This module can be used to generate diff markup for two strings.

  	var vows = require('vows')
	  , diff = require('../diff')
	  , assert = require('assert');
	vows.describe('Diff Tests').addBatch({
		'see that it works': {
			topic: function() {
				return diff(
					'The red brown fox jumped over the rolling log.',
	   				'The brown spotted fox leaped over the rolling log'
			'as expected': function(topic) {
				assert.equal(topic, ' The <del>red </del> brown <ins>spotted </ins> fox <del>jumped </del><ins>leaped </ins> over  the  rolling <del>log.</del><ins>log</ins>');

Author: Tim Savery