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Content Generator for Sketch

Content generator allows you quickly create dummy data such as avatars, names, geo location data etc.


Generating pictures

Generating thumbnails

Generating names

Generating names

Generating dummy text

Generating text

Generating strings

custom string

You can create a custom string by combining any of these options:

  • plain text (example: banana)
  • random number from range (example: [0-20] )
  • random item from an array (example: [banana~apple~grapes] )

An example of a combined string: $[0-999],[10-99] [new~used~old]

Which would result in "$321,34 old" or "$12,75 new"

Generating custom images

In Sketch app use Plugins\Content Generator\Images\Custom plugin to specify path to your own folder with images



  1. Download Zip and Extract it to a folder
  2. In Sketch app Plugins > Manage Plugins...
  3. In the Preferences window, click on the cog-wheel icon, and select Show Plugins Folder from the dropdown.
  4. Place the extracted folder directly to the Plugins folder (nesting might not work atm)

Sketch plugin manager

Installation via Sketch Plugin Manager: In the 'Catalog' tab of the Sketch Plugin Manager window search for 'Content Generator'

Upcoming features

  • More types of data
  • Fetch content directly from different online sources
  • Easier extensibility

Feature requests & feedback

Ping me on twitter or follow for updates.

Bug reports

  1. Open Console app Applications/Utilities/Console
  2. Type Sketch In filter box like so
  3. Run broken plugin
  4. Submit output of the Console app via Github issues or twitter toghether with the version of your Sketch app


Author Timur Carpeev

Number plugins Liu Liu

And others