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@deadprogram deadprogram released this 18 Jun 08:41

This release has lots of features and fixes that you need. From support for the new LLVM 18, to a patched version of the go/ssa package with a fix for the race condition that annoys anyone who maintains a CI build using TinyGo. Of course, no TinyGo release would be complete without new hardware supported, such as the Pimoroni Badger2040-W. And more WASM features too!

  • general

    • fix wasi-libc include headers on Nix
    • apply OpenOCD commands after target configuration
    • fix a minor race condition when determining the build tags
    • support UF2 drives with a space in their name on Linux
    • add LLVM 18 support
    • drop support for Go 1.18 to be able to stay up to date
  • compiler

    • move -panic=trap support to the compiler/runtime
    • fix symbol table index for WebAssembly archives
    • fix ed25519 build errors by adjusting the alias names
    • add aliases to generic AES functions
    • fix race condition by temporarily applying a proposed patch
    • builder: keep un-wasm-opt'd .wasm if -work was passed
    • builder: make sure wasm-opt command line is printed if asked
    • cgo: implement shift operations in preprocessor macros
    • interp: checking for methodset existance
  • standard library

    • machine: add __tinygo_spi_tx function to simulator
    • machine: fix simulator I2C support
    • machine: add GetRNG support to simulator
    • machine: add TxFifoFreeLevel for CAN
    • os: add Link
    • os: add FindProcess for posix
    • os: add Process.Release for unix
    • os: add SetReadDeadline stub
    • os, os/signal: add signal stubs
    • os/user: add stubs for Lookup{,Group} and Group
    • reflect: use int in StringHeader and SliceHeader on non-AVR platforms
    • reflect: fix NumMethods for Interface type
    • runtime: skip negative sleep durations in sleepTicks
  • targets

    • esp32: add I2C support
    • rp2040: move UART0 and UART1 to common file
    • rp2040: make all RP2040 boards available for simulation
    • rp2040: fix timeUnit type
    • stm32: add i2c Frequency and SetBaudRate function for chips that were missing implementation
    • wasm-unknown: add math and memory builtins that LLVM needs
    • wasip1: replace existing -target=wasi support with wasip1 as supported in Go 1.21+
  • boards

    • adafruit-esp32-feather-v2: add the Adafruit ESP32 Feather V2
    • badger2040-w: add support for the Badger2040 W
    • feather-nrf52840-sense: fix lack of LXFO
    • m5paper: add support for the M5 Paper
    • mksnanov3: limit programming speed to 1800 kHz
    • nucleol476rg: add stm32 nucleol476rg support
    • pico-w: add the Pico W (which is near-idential to the pico target)
    • thingplus-rp2040, waveshare-rp2040-zero: add WS2812 definition
    • pca10059-s140v7: add this variant to the PCA10059 board