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Tivoli Cloud VR, Inc.

Archive of Tivoli Cloud VR, Inc. founded by @makitsune and @caitlynmeeks 🌼🌺🌹


  1. metaverse Public archive

    Most of my pride is here. I put a lot of love into this.

    TypeScript 6 7

  2. launcher Public archive

    Launcher which updated interface and lots more

    TypeScript 1 4

  3. interface Public archive

    The Tivoli interface client and server software

    C++ 7 9

  4. Public archive

    Our blog hosted on Ghost

    HTML 3

  5. docs Public archive

    TypeScript 1 3

  6. blender-tools Public archive

    Blender tools for your avatar and worlds, including lightmapper

    Python 3 4


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