A deck.js extension that adds support for Markdown syntax in slides
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A small extension for deck.js that adds support for Markdown syntax in slides. When this extension is included in the slides HTML page, the content of every slide will be interpreted as Markdown and its HTML content will be replaced by the Markdown converter output.


This extension depends on the JavaScript [PageDown Converter] (http://code.google.com/p/pagedown) for Markdown conversion.


  1. Download deck.markdown.js
  2. Download Markdown.Converter.js
  3. Place the above files in: <deck.js slides directory>\extensions\markdown
  4. Include both files in your deck.js slides page, for example:
<script src="extensions/markdown/Markdown.Converter.js"></script>
<script src="extensions/markdown/deck.markdown.js"></script>

Note: the order of the JS imports matters! The PageDown Converter code must be included before the extension.

Known Issues

Check the issues list for any known or unresolved issues.


Allows to write slides as HTML slides by adding the css class no-md to the slide section element

<section class="slide no-md" id="no-markdown-slide">
    <h2>This slide is not interpreted as markdown</h2>
    <p>Use this to prevent certain flaws when processing sub slides...</p>