Draw a line graph with CoreGraphics in Swift. This code is intended to be an example of how you could use CoreGraphics to draw graphs and other similar UI elements.
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Example Draw a line graph with CGPath and Swift. This is really just the result of playing with Swift, and so I can't garuntee the code is production ready, or even very good.

// GraphView.swift example usage

let myData = [
    ["Mon" : 15],
    ["Tues" : 30],
    ["Weds" : 7],
    ["Thurs" : 60],
    ["Fri" : 30],
    ["Sat" : 15],
    ["Sun" : 45]

let graph = GraphView(frame: CGRect(x: 50, y: 50, width: 420, height: 200), data: myData)

Graph customisation options

There isn't really that many…

  • showLines - whether or not to display lines from Y axis values
  • showPoints - whether or not to display points on the line graph
  • linesColor - The colour of Y axis lines if visible
  • xAxisColor - The colour of the X axis
  • yAxisColor - The colour of the X axis
  • graphColor - The colour of the actual line graph and points
  • labelFont - Axis label font
  • labelColor - The colour of the axis labels
  • originLabelText - Text placed origin point
  • originLabelText - The colour of originLabelText
  • xMargin - padding left of initial point and right of last point