A Rust library for controlling i3-wm through its IPC interface
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A Rust library for controlling i3-wm through its IPC interface.


Add this to your Cargo.toml

version = "0.8.4"


extern crate i3ipc;
use i3ipc::I3Connection;

fn main() {
    // establish a connection to i3 over a unix socket
    let mut connection = I3Connection::connect().unwrap();
    // request and print the i3 version
    println!("{}", connection.get_version().unwrap().human_readable);
    // fullscreen the focused window


extern crate i3ipc;
use i3ipc::I3EventListener;
use i3ipc::Subscription;
use i3ipc::event::Event;

fn main() {
    // establish connection.
    let mut listener = I3EventListener::connect().unwrap();

    // subscribe to a couple events.
    let subs = [Subscription::Mode, Subscription::Binding];

    // handle them
    for event in listener.listen() {
        match event.unwrap() {
            Event::ModeEvent(e) => println!("new mode: {}", e.change),
            Event::BindingEvent(e) => println!("user input triggered command: {}", e.binding.command),
            _ => unreachable!()


By default i3ipc-rs targets minimum i3 version 4.11. To unlock additional features you can increase this by selecting one of "i3-4-12", ..., "i3-4-14" in Cargo.toml.

version = "0.8.4"
features = ["i3-4-14"]

Additions to the i3 IPC interface that are not understood by your compiled binary will generally return an Unknown value and log a warning to the target "i3ipc" using the log crate. Binaries using this library should install a logger to view details of such additions.