Binary exploitation CTF problem/solution
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brain-repl CTF problem/writeup

This repo contains the a binary exploitation challenge and solution script.

You can read the full writeup on my blog post:


  • brain-repl-ctf-problem.tgz: archive with problem
  • brain-repl-ctf-problem/Makefile: was used to build problem
  • brain-repl-ctf-problem/ problem readme
  • brain-repl-ctf-problem/brain-repl: challenge binary
  • brain-repl-ctf-problem/brain-repl.c: challenge source code
  • brain-repl-ctf-problem/flag.txt: sample flag file (the name is public)
  • brain-repl-ctf-problem/ script to run the binary
  • debug script to run binary with socat with or without GDB
  • gdb_cmds.gdb: GDB command file (used by
  • solution script