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Provides Emacs font-lock, indentation, and some useful functions for the Jsonnet templating language.

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The jsonnet-eval-buffer method depends on the jsonnet binary, which should be available on your exec-path. For installation details, see here for go-jsonnet and here for the C++ implementation.



Indentation is provided by a function implemented with SMIE. To use the old indentation function (not recommended), set jsonnet-use-smie to nil.


jsonnet-reformat-buffer (bound to C-c C-r by default) uses the jsonnetfmt utility to reformat your buffer. jsonnet-mode's indentation function should match its output in most cases.


jsonnet-eval-buffer runs jsonnet to evaluate and render a jsonnet-mode buffer. It's bound to C-c C-c by default. If any errors are encountered, they should be conveniently displayed in compilation-mode.

It will create a buffer called *jsonnet output*. Default display behaviour of these buffers can be customized using display-buffer-alist (see The Zen of Buffer Display for examples of how to do this).


jsonnet-mode also provides some methods to make navigation easier. In particular, jsonnet-jump (bound to C-c C-f) allows you to jump to the definition of a given identifier.


There are several customizable parameters that you may configure in this mode:

  • jsonnet-command allows you to indicate which Jsonnet binary should be used to render a JSON document.
  • jsonnet-command-options can be specified if additional options should be sent with jsonnet-command.
  • jsonnet-library-search-directories specifies the sequence of Jsonnet library search directories use during evaluation. Relative paths in this sequence must resolve from the directory of the buffer being evaluated.
  • jsonnet-enable-debug-print will cause methods in jsonnet-mode to write messages to the status bar if enabled.
  • jsonnet-use-smie enables SMIE-provided indentation.
  • jsonnet-indent-level changes the number of spaces used to indent Jsonnet code.

Buffer display

The potential buffers that the mode creates are:

  • *jsonnet output*

If you require special customization of their display, you can either use display-buffer-alist as described above or investigate the options provided in your distribution of GNU Emacs.


Emacs major mode for editing Jsonnet files.



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