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This is the new official Krist node. It is written in Node.js.

Repo Guidelines

  • All code and commits are made in British English (Not Simplified American English)

API Documentation

The documentation is generated with apiDoc. It is automatically built by Grunt. You can find a live copy of the API documentation here.

Note: The mysql package is required if you use mysql or mariadb as a Sequelize backend.


Installation is fairly straight-forward. Simply clone the project, run npm install to install the required dependencies and then run node main.

Webserver Configuration

This Krist node is supposed to be ran behind a serverside proxy. The file nginx_example.conf includes a basic configuration for how to set up the proxy in nginx. The Node.js webserver is not designed to and should not be exposed to the public web, and should bind to a socket file.


An example configuration file can be found at config.example.js. To configure the project, make a copy of this file and change anything required, then save it to config.js.

Converting the old SQLite data.db

A script is included for converting the old data.db files to the new database. The script assumes that you have a correctly configured Sequelize connection, and a data.db file in the project root directory.

node convertdb

Important: This script will delete all rows in an existing Krist database. A list of tables that will be truncated is listed when running the script. You will be prompted for confirmation prior to any actions being performed to the database. The data.db file should remain unmodified.


This project is released under GPL-3.0. More information can be found in the LICENCE file.


The new Krist server written in Node.js.




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