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AMQP library for PHP

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The development of this project has moved here:


This library is a fork of the php-amqplib library.

We modified that library in order to work with PHP 5.3 Strict.

Also we improved the debug method to increase performance.

We use it daily in prod for sending/consuming 600K + messages per day.

Below is the original README file content. Credits goes to the original authors.


Start your RabbitMQ server, then get the source:

$ git clone git://

Open two Terminals and on the first one execute the following commands to start the consumer:

$ cd php-amqplib/demo
$ php amqp_consumer.php

Then on the other Terminal do:

$ cd php-amqplib/demo
$ php amqp_publisher.php some text to publish

You should see the message arriving to the process on the other Terminal

Then to stop the consumer, send to it the quit message:

$ php amqp_publisher.php quit


If you want to know what's going on at a protocol level then add the following constant to your code:

define('AMQP_DEBUG', true);

... more code


Original README:

PHP library implementing Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP).

The library is port of python code of py-amqplib

It have been tested with RabbitMQ server.

Project home page:

For discussion, please join the group:

For bug reports, please use bug tracking system at the project page.

Patched are very welcome!

Author: Vadim Zaliva

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