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TWebKit unified the UIWebView and WKWebView, you can use TWebView instead, and you can set whether can slide back, change web size , block action sheet or 3D touch and so on.



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compatible with Objective-C and swift


  • Support automatically select whether to use UIWebView or WKWebView to load web pages based on system version
  • Use the method is simple, and UIWebView very similar to the use of simplified WKWebView use
  • Dual delegate mode, support the use of commonDelegate (commonDelegate class suggested using singleton mode), also supports the simultaneous set of custom delegate

    By default, the custom delegate implementation of the method will take precedence over the commonDelegate to achieve the same name method;

    In the custom delegate to achieve a method in the case will not call the commonDelegate in the same name method. (If necessary, you can use the method [webView.commonDelegate someFunc ..] to invoke the commonDelegate method in the custom delegate)

  • supports ProgressView, UIWebView uses part of the code in NJKWebViewProgress to simulate the progress of the configuration, support the configuration ProgressView color
  • Support the configuration is allowed to slide back (scrollBackType)
  • Support the configuration can zoom in and out of the page (scrollChangeSizeType)
  • Support configuration is masked long press the link to display ActionSheet & MenuController (touchCalloutType)
  • Support configuration for blocking links 3DTouch preview (webView3DTouchType)


  • TWebViewController's back button for back web page, if back to first page, click it will pop TWebViewController
  • TWebViewController click the back button to back web page, will appear the close button in controller
  • TWebViewController in the Debug model contains the empty cache and enter the URL button (automatically save the last manually entered URL), in the Release model automatically blocked.


  • All of the @optional proxy methods are easier to use


Source File

If your project support iOS 7 or older, please download all files in the Source directory and TWebKit.bundle, then put them in your project, No other configuration can be used.

If your project just support iOS 8+, it is recommended to use CocoaPods or Carthage.


CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Cocoa projects. You can install it with the following command:

$ gem install cocoapods

To integrate TWebKit into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

source ''
platform :ios, '6.0'

target '<Your Target Name>' do
    pod 'TWebKit'

Then, run the following command:

$ pod install


Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks.

You can install Carthage with Homebrew using the following command:

$ brew update
$ brew install carthage

To integrate TWebKit into your Xcode project using Carthage, specify it in your Cartfile:

github "tobedefined/TWebKit"

Run carthage update to build the framework and drag the built TWebKit.framework into your Xcode project.

How to use

  • swift

in swift, add following code in <Your Target Name>-Bridging-Header.h file:

#import <TWebKit/TWebKit.h>
  • Objective-C
#import <TWebKit/TWebKit.h>

You can see the specific use of the demo, the following is a specific introduction


Most of the parameters and methods are same like UIWebView, the following describes some of the different parameters and methods.

  • delegate: id <TWebViewDelegate>, any object that confirm the TWebViewDelegate protocol, if set, has a higher priority than the commonDelegate method.
  • commonDelegate: id <TWebViewDelegate>, any object that obeys the TWebViewDelegate protocol, is recommended to use a singleton object as a commonDelegate.
  • contentWebView: UIView, if < iOS 8.0, return TWebView's UIWebView; if ≥ iOS 8.0, return TWebView's WKWebView.
  • uiWebView: UIWebView, if < iOS 8.0, return TWebView's UIWebView; if ≥ iOS 8.0, return nil.
  • wkWebView: WKWebView, if < iOS 8.0, return nil; if ≥ iOS 8.0, return TWebView's WKWebView.
  • scrollView: UIScrollView, web page's scrollView, readonly, return scrollView of UIWebView or WKWebView
  • showProgress: BOOL, getter=isShowProgress, whether to display the progress view.
  • progressTintColor: UIColor, progress color.
  • progressViewHeight: CGFloat, set the progress view height.
  • selectContentType: Enum, set whether you can long press to select the contents of the page.
  • scrollChangeSizeType: Enum, whether you can drag to change the page size.
  • touchCalloutType: Enum, whether to block the long press link appears actionSheet and menuController.
  • scrollBackType: Enum, iOS8+ support, whether it can slide back to the previous page.
  • webView3DTouchType: Enum, iOS9+ support, whether to block 3DTouch preview links.
  • confirmText: NSString, the confirm button text of web page pop-up box.
  • cancelText: NSString, the cancel button text of web page pop-up box.
  • loadingDefaultTitle: NSString, the title text returned by default in the page loading.
  • successDefaultTitle: NSString, the title text returned by default in the page load succesed.
  • failedDefaultTitle: NSString, the title text returned by default in the page load failed.
  • - (instancetype)init

    Create a default TWebViewConfig object and call - (instancetype)initWithConfig:(TWebViewConfig *)config.

  • - (instancetype)initWithConfig:(TWebViewConfig *)config

    Use the parameters in config to initialize to create TWebView.

  • - (void)clearCache

    Clear cache and cookies.

  • - (void)resetCookieForceOverride:(BOOL)forceOverride

    Get cookies in NSHTTPCookieStorage and set the cookie for TWebView, the forceOverride parameter control use the cookie value in NSHTTPCookieStorage to reset the cookie of the same name that existed before TWebView, if forceOverride is NO/false, will don't reset the same name cookie.

  • - (void)getDocumentTitle:(void (^)(NSString * _Nullable))completion

    Take out the page's title to completion(it was use JavaScript to get the web page in the document.title)

  • + (nullable NSString *)getJavascriptStringWithFunctionName:(NSString *)function data:(id)data

    Class method to get JavaScript function, function parameter to access the JavaScript method name (no need to add brackets), data parameters can be JSON Object or ordinary NSString, will automatically convert Stitching; returns a function call string after splicing.

  • - (void)runJavascript:(NSString *)js completion:(void (^__nullable)(id obj, NSError *error))completion

    Run the JavaScript function, interact with the web page, js parameter for the running javascript code, complete parameter for the callback.


In order to make the configuration parameters more clear, so add the TWebViewConfig class, parameters corresponding to the TWebView parameters, you can use TWebViewConfig to create the configuration, and then use the configuration to create TWebView, assuredly, you can directly create TWebView object, and then assign the parameters of the created TWebView object.

TWebViewConfig parameters -> TWebView parameters
webViewCommonDelegate -> commonDelegate
webViewDelegate -> delegate
forceOverrideCookie -> forceOverrideCookie
showProgressView -> showProgress
progressTintColor -> progressTintColor
progressViewHeight -> progressViewHeight
selectContentType -> selectContentType
scrollChangeSizeType -> scrollChangeSizeType
touchCalloutType -> touchCalloutType
scrollBackType -> scrollBackType
webView3DTouchType -> webView3DTouchType
confirmText -> confirmText
cancelText -> cancelText
loadingDefaultTitle -> loadingDefaultTitle
successDefaultTitle -> successDefaultTitle
failedDefaultTitle -> failedDefaultTitle


typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, TWebViewLoadStatus) {
    TWebViewLoadStatusIsLoading = 1,
    TWebViewLoadStatusSuccess   = 2,
    TWebViewLoadStatusFailed    = 3,

@protocol TWebViewDelegate <NSObject>


// Whether you can load web pages
- (BOOL)webView:(TWebView *)webView shouldStartLoadRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request;

// Start loading page
- (void)webView:(TWebView *)webView didStartLoadRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request;

// Load page successfully
- (void)webView:(TWebView *)webView didFinishLoadRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request;

// Loading page failed
- (void)webView:(TWebView *)webView didFailedLoadRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request withError:(NSError *)error;

// Current status: status, current default use of the title, 
// You can determination title to the ViewController based on the status. Or you can set the title parameter to the title of the ViewController.
// TWebViewLoadStatusIsLoading  => return TWebView's loadingDefaultTitle
// TWebViewLoadStatusSuccess    => get web page's title, return it if not empty; if empty, return TWebView's successDefaultTitle
// TWebViewLoadStatusFailed     => return TWebView's failedDefaultTitle
- (void)webView:(TWebView *)webView loadStatus:(TWebViewLoadStatus)status title:(NSString *)title;

#pragma mark - 3D Touch Peek & Pop; iOS 10+ available
// Set whether to allow preview url;
// If you return to NO, the following two methods will not run;
// If you return to YES, The following two methods will be run when hard pressed.
- (BOOL)webView:(TWebView *)webView shouldPreviewURL:(nullable NSURL *)url API_AVAILABLE(ios(10.0));

// If you return to nil, the preview link will be made in Safari
// If you do not want to preview the url, please return NO at method "- webView:shouldPreviewURL:"
// param "actions" is the iOS default support actions
- (nullable UIViewController *)webView:(TWebView *)webView previewingViewControllerForURL:(nullable NSURL *)url defaultActions:(NSArray<id <WKPreviewActionItem>> *)actions API_AVAILABLE(ios(10.0));

// Pop the previewing ViewController and then run this method
- (void)webView:(TWebView *)webView commitPreviewingURL:(nullable NSURL *)url controller:(UIViewController *)controller API_AVAILABLE(ios(10.0));



Whether to display to clear the cache and enter the URL for automatic control (Debug display, Release does not show), no configuration

  • defaultCachePolicy:Class property, NSURLRequest cache policy

  • defaultTimeoutInterval:Class property, NSURLRequest timeout interval

  • webView: TWebView, TWebViewController's TWebView object, you can modify some of the properties that match your configuration requirements.

  • navTitle: NSString, default navgation title, if setting, priority of - (void)webView:(TWebView *)webView loadStatus:(TWebViewLoadStatus)status title:(NSString *)title method, will always show navTitle.

  • backImage: UIImage, default use back.png in TWebKit.bundle, you can customize set the back button image.

  • - (instancetype)initWithConfig:(TWebViewConfig *)config

    Create TWebViewController according to the TWebViewConfig configuration.

  • - (void)loadURLFromString:(NSString *)urlString

    load urlString's web page.

  • - (void)loadURLFromString:(NSString *)urlString cachePolicy:(NSURLRequestCachePolicy)cachePolicy timeoutInterval:(NSTimeInterval)timeoutInterval

    load urlString's web page, with cachePolicy and timeoutInterval.

  • - (void)loadURLAndAutoConversionFromString:(NSString *)urlString

    load urlString's web page, will be on the urlString transcoding judgments and other operations, see NSString *trueURLString(NSString *urlString) method.

  • - (void)resetWebViewCookieForceOverride:(BOOL)forceOverride

    call TWebView's - (void)resetCookieForceOverride:(BOOL)forceOverride method, reset webView's cookie.


FOSSA Status


TWebKit unified the UIWebView and WKWebView, you can use TWebView instead, and you can set whether can slide back, change web size , block action sheet or 3D touch and so on.








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