Quick Start Guide

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Here's how to install and run the Todo.txt CLI:

  1. (Windows only) Download and install Cygwin. Cygwin provides a Unix-environment for Windows; Todo.txt needs just the Bash shell and some common Unix tools, so a minimal installation will do just fine (Another suggestion is to use git on windows - it's smaller and have sh builtin git on windows).

  2. Download the latest stable release of Todo.txt CLI (available as a ZIP or TAR archive) and extract it. Mac users: There is a Homebrew package for todo.txt - install using brew install todo-txt.

  3. Open a command window. On Windows, this is Cygwin Bash Shell (not Command Prompt!); elsewhere, this is often called Terminal. It usually presents you with a $ prompt. cd into the directory where you extracted todo.sh. Make the todo.sh script executable:

$ chmod +x todo.sh
  1. Type ./todo.sh to see the usage message. You're ready to go! To start adding tasks, type ./todo.sh add "My new task"


  1. Install the Bash completion, either system-wide, for all users:
$ sudo cp todo_completion /etc/bash_completion.d/todo

or put it somewhere in your home directory and source it from your .bashrc:

$ source todo_completion

Now you can type $ ./todo.sh ad<Tab> and Bash will autocomplete the action to $ ./todo.sh add. Any words that begin with + or ` will be completed using projects or contexts, respectively. Task numbers will append the task text as a shell comment.

Note: If you define an alias (e.g. t) to todo.sh, you need to explicitly enable completion for it, too (also put this into your .bashrc):

$ complete -F _todo t
  1. Want more? See the full list of configuration tweaks, enhancements and recommendations on the [Tips and Tricks][Tips-and-Tricks] page.

  2. Something missing? Todo.txt is extensible; many users have already written [custom add-ons][Todo.sh-Add-on-Directory].

  3. Having problems? Have a look at the Troubleshooting page, or ask on the friendly mailing list.

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