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  1. beagle beagle Public

    Beagle helps you identify keywords, phrases, regexes, and complex search queries of interest in streams of text documents.

    Clojure 51 3

  2. clojure-graalvm-aws-lambda-template clojure-graalvm-aws-lambda-template Public

    Leiningen template for AWS Lambda custom runtime with GraalVM native image compiled Clojure projects.

    Clojure 43 3

  3. timewords timewords Public

    Multilingual library to easily parse date strings to java.util.Date objects.

    Clojure 29 1

  4. crawling-framework crawling-framework Public

    Easily crawl news portals or blog sites using Storm Crawler.

    Java 21 3

  5. ltlangpack ltlangpack Public archive

    Forked from zmedelis/ltlangpack

    Tools for Lithuanian language processing

    Shell 15 4

  6. docx-utils docx-utils Public

    Easily work with .docx files from Clojure (a wrapper on Apache POI library).

    Clojure 11 4


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