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We can help you with your natural language generation and processing projects

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  1. Accelerated Text helps you to automatically generate natural language descriptions of your data, varying in wording and structure.

    JavaScript 169 15

  2. A curated list of resources dedicated to Natural Language Generation (NLG)

    140 20

  3. Convert a number to an approximated text expression: from '0.23' to 'less than a quarter'.

    Clojure 184 8

  4. Multilingual library to easily parse date strings to java.util.Date objects.

    Clojure 23

  5. Beagle helps you identify keywords, phrases, regexes, and complex search queries of interest in streams of text documents.

    Clojure 33 1

  6. Easily crawl news portals or blog sites using Storm Crawler.

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