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Old Reddit Redirect

Chrome extension

Firefox extension

Dislike Reddit's redesign? Old Reddit Redirect will ensure that you always load the old ( design instead.

Will force all usage to Will work when navigating to the site, opening links, using old bookmarks. Works regardless of whether you are logged in or not, and in incognito mode.

Also has a new minor fixes and quality of life improvements like:

  • Removing the undismissable cookie banner
  • Rewriting links to galleries to the raw old reddit comments page

Redirected domains


Whitelisted domains



Ensure you have node installed. Then run make run to start the live-reloading development server. This will open a browser window with the extension installed for testing.

Once you've verified things are working correctly locally you can fork this repo and submit a pull request with your changes.


Code copyright Tom Watson. Code released under the MIT license.