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  • This example requires Java 11
  • If you want to run GraalVM native image, you need to install version 19.3.1

## Build and run Java application To build: mvn clean package

To run: java -jar target/helidon-examples-native-image-mp.jar

Build and run native image

This example was tested with GraalVM Version 19.3.1 CE.

To build native image:

  1. Export the location of graal-vm installation with native image to an env variable GRAALVM_HOME export GRAALVM_HOME=/your/installation/of/graalvm
  2. mvn clean package -Pnative-image

Note: There is a few warnings in the output, we are working on fixing them

To run: ./target/helidon-examples-native-image-mp


Application endpoints

See the standard output of the application - you see the token content to be used for jwt, referenced as ${TOKEN} in examples

MicroProfile JWT-Auth protected endpoint:

curl -i -H "Authorization: bearer ${TOKEN}" http://localhost:7001/jwt/scope

curl -i -H "Authorization: bearer ${TOKEN}" http://localhost:7001/jwt/role

curl -i http://localhost:7001/jwt/public

OIDC (Open ID Connect) protected endpoint (Uses JWT to handle authentication, redirect is disabled):

curl -i -H "Authorization: bearer ${TOKEN}" http://localhost:7001/oidc/scope

curl -i -H "Authorization: bearer ${TOKEN}" http://localhost:7001/oidc/role

curl -i http://localhost:7001/oidc/public

Basic Authentication:

curl -i -u jack:password http://localhost:7001/basic/role

curl -i http://localhost:7001/basic/public

  • Not authorized (not in correct role) - should return "403 Forbidden"

curl -i -u john:password http://localhost:7001/basic/role

Any protected endpoint (*/role and */scope) invoked without authentication information should not be authenticated and return "401 Unauthorized"

A small issue with HTTP response codes:

  • "401 Unauthorized" means "Not Authenticated"
  • "403 Forbidden" means "Not Authorized"

MP endpoints


  • Liveness health checks: curl http://localhost:7001/health/live
  • Readiness health checks: curl http://localhost:7001/health/ready


  • Base metrics: curl -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:7001/metrics/base
  • Vendor metrics: curl -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:7001/metrics/vendor
  • Application metrics: curl -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:7001/metrics/application
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