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Powershell implementation of the Cisco Meeting Server API


The Cisco Meeting Server provides management access through an API exposed through HTTPS in the WebAdmin on the server. This API is thorughly documented at

Knowledge of this document is assumed before use of this module.

Terminology and function names

Cisco Meeting Server uses HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods to access functionality in the API. These are translated to the PowerShell verbs like this

  • GET -> Get-
  • POST -> New-
  • PUT -> Set-
  • DELETE -> Remove-

As far as it is possible, the PowerShell noun will be based on the API node location that is being accessed in the function prepended with Cms, for instance


Which will correspond to doing a GET on the /api/v1/coSpaces node, or


to do a POST on the /api/v1/coSpaces node. Nouns will be plural if they might return multiple results and singular if they will only return one result.

There are some exceptions - some of the API functions only trigger something to happen, for instance a POST to the node /api/v1/coSpaces//diagnostics, will trigger diagnostics logging on the Space. In these situations a suitable noun has been chosen. For the example the Start- noun was chosen,



The module used to be called PsAcano, and all commands were prepended with Acano. Aliases have been added for all of these, so the updating should not break existing scripts.


To install, simply run

iex (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("")

to install the latest release.

To install from master or dev and manually import this module, unpack or clone the PsAcano folder and run

Import-Module .\PsCms.psd1

in the folder in Powershell. To make it load automatically when PowerShell starts, unpack, clone or copy it in to one of the folders defined in



To start a new session against a Cisco Meeting server, use the New-CmsSession cmdlet:

New-CmsSession -APIAddress -Credential (Get-Credential)

Default, this configure the module to connect to the API on port 443. If the webadmin is deployed on the same server as the webbridge, webadmin will often be configured to use another port than 443, in that case use the -Port parameter to define the port. If the server is deployed in a lab or there is another reason its certificate is not trusted, you can use the -IgnoreSSLTrust parameter to connect.

NOTE: No actual connecting is done by the New-CmsSessioncmdlet at the moment, it just configures parameters for the rest of the cmdlets to use.

To display a list of possible commands use

Get-Command -Module PsCms

The Cisco Meeting server uses a 128-bit GUID to identify objects, use these when accessing objects with Get-, Set- and Remove- Cmdlets.


If an API call fails, the server will return an HTTP 400 containing the failure reason. The module will display these as a normal Powershell error


There is a lot of comment-based help missing, so Get-Help doesn't work for all commands.

Please feel free to give feedback through issues.