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Epic Survival Game Series

Third-person survival game for Unreal Engine 4 made entirely in C++. Originally built as a 6 section tutorial series, now available as open-source C++ sample project.

See the main documentation page on the unreal engine Wiki.

For questions & feedback visit the official thread on the unreal engine forums

Looking for a step by step guide? I released my Unreal Engine 4 Mastery: Create Multiplayer Games with C++! Which includes two games teaching you C++, Networking for multiplayer and multiple AI including advanced behavior trees for ranged shooter AI.

Get the Udemy Course now and learn C++ for Unreal Engine 4: DISCOUNT LINK

Last updated for 4.20!

NEW: Mod Support

Includes two small mod examples including a Pink Rifle extension and Flashlight replacement mod. Check out the Modding Sample Project for guidelines & cooker profile setup

Example commandline arg to load the Mod gamemode with the built-in level "CoopLandscape" in a cooked game build: SurvivalGame.exe /Game/Maps/CoopLandscape_Map?game=/ExtendedRifleMod/SurvivalGameMode_PinkRifle.SurvivalGameMode_PinkRifle_C

There is currently no supporting UI to load up specific mod content, please note that the modding pipeline is a experimental and intended for early adopters only!

Section 1

This section sets up the third person character movement with animation, object interaction, simple hunger system, all with networking support.

Section 2

Adds weapon support for the character, a flashlight, UT-style inventory with on-character visual representation of the carried items and deals with damage, death and respawns for players.

Section 3

Introduces AI "Zombie" enemy to our game using PawnSensing and Behavior Tree.

Section 4

Introduces a gameloop with enemies, items, scoring and a time of day.

Section 5

Introduces the ability to carry around objects like barriers and discusses game networking.

Section 6

The final section in the series focuses on bug fixing and a bit of polish to the existing features. This section is compatible with the 4.8 release.