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Taking you from Vim to GitHub.


Will fire up the browser, opening the file and LOC of the current buffer in GitHub.

Visual mode is supported!


ToGithub makes up the url from the origin fetch url in your $ git remote -v.

If you need to hit another username do:

:ToGithub username

It's the same to replace the repo name:

:ToGithub username repo

You can also set a global option to copy the url in the clipboard instead of opening the browser

let g:to_github_clip_command = 'pbcopy'
let g:to_github_clipboard = 1


Pathogen will do

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone

Or just good old copy and paste.


:ToGithub will give you a link to a specific commit. If you work and commit but don't push to GitHub, you will see a 404.


  • To @kandalf for the initiative!
  • To @mattn for the Gist plugin! I took inspiration (and code) from him.