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New Stuff!

JSONParse is much more pleasant to use now. Indeed, it's pleasant enough that you might enjoy using json objects for conveniently storing values for other purposes (since it gives you a lot of the nice qualities of a JavaScript dynamic object).

As before, you can simply do something like:

var json_value : json = json.fromString( .... );

In particular, there are convenience functions for grabbing values with no pesky underscores. These are:

  json_value.getNumber( index: int OR key: string ): double
  json_value.getString( index: int OR key: string ): String
  json_value.getBoolean( index: int OR key: string): boolean
  json_value.getArray( index: int OR key: string): json
  json_value.getObject( index: int OR key: string): json
  json_value.getRect( index: int OR key: string): Rect // expects x, y, width, height
  json_value.getVector2( index: int OR key: string): Vector2 // expects x, y
  json_value.getVector3( index: int OR key: string): Vector3 // expects x, y, z

All of these will throw Debug.LogErrors if the expected value is not present, making debugging easier.

There's also some other handy stuff such as:

  json_value.has( key: String ): boolean // does this key exist?
  json_value.length(): int // length of array or object property list, or 0
  json_value.indexOf( key: String ): int // index of the key, or -1 if not found

I've used this to rewrite my own GUI library and it's almost pleasant to use it.


It's a library for parsing JSON, using UnityScript (the programming language used in Unity).

Tonio adds: and now it works for mobile and is written in more idiomatic code.


Because JSON is the fat-free XML, and because UnityScript is not JavaScript (even though everybody says it is.).

Tonio adds: and exactly how else are your mobile apps supposed to chat with servers?


Philip Peterson.

Tonio Loewald.


var s = "{ \"foo\": \"bar\", \"baz\" : [ 17, 18, 19, { \"fish\" : \"soup\" } ]}";

var j:json = json.fromString(s);
print( "tostring: " + j.toString() );
print( "stringified: " + j.stringify() );

print( " " + j._get("foo").toString() );
print( "obj.baz[2]: " + j._get("baz")._get(2).toString() );
print( "obj.baz[3].fish: " + j._get("baz")._get(3)._get("fish").toString() );

var json_obj = json._object(); // new empty object
json_obj._set("key", json._string("value")); // note that the string could have been passed "unwrapped"
print( json_obj.stringify() ); // {"key":"value"}

var json_array = json._array();
json_array._push(1)._push("two")._push( json._object()._set("foo","bar") ); // chaining, jQuery-style
print( json_array.stringify() ); // [ 1, "two", {"foo":"bar"} ];


A JSON Parsing library for UnityScript



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