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Linux instructions

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Starting from v5, Fira Code does not distribute OTF. All packages here that have otf-* in the name are now outdated and should be replaced with ttf equivalents.

Installing with a Package Manager

Ubuntu Zesty (17.04), Debian Stretch (9) or newer

  1. Make sure that the universe (for Ubuntu) or contrib (for Debian) repository is enabled (see how-to for Ubuntu or Debian docs)
  2. Install fonts-firacode package either by executing sudo apt install fonts-firacode in the terminal or via GUI tool (like “Software Center”)

Arch Linux

Fira Code package is available in the official repository: ttf-fira-code.

Variant of Fira Code package is available in the AUR: otf-fira-code-git.


emerge -av media-fonts/fira-code


Fira Code package is available in the official repository.

To install, perform the following command:

dnf install fira-code-fonts


sudo eopkg install font-firacode-ttf

Void linux

xbps-install font-firacode

Manual Installation

With most desktop-oriented distributions, double-clicking each font file in the ttf folder and selecting “Install font” should be enough. If it isn’t, create and run script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

if [ ! -d "${fonts_dir}" ]; then
    echo "mkdir -p $fonts_dir"
    mkdir -p "${fonts_dir}"
    echo "Found fonts dir $fonts_dir"

curl --fail --location --show-error${version}/${zip} --output ${zip}
unzip -o -q -d ${fonts_dir} ${zip}
rm ${zip}

echo "fc-cache -f"
fc-cache -f

More details