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Tony Narlock's CV

Live Version v1 branch (react cv, vue.js cv)

Version 2 underway!


Let's see what's the latest and greatest for both of these.

This time we're using typescript and wiring-in webpack from the ground up.


Package Source Website Status
React packages/react/ 🟡 In-progress
Vue packages/vue/ Unstarted
Angular packages/angular/ Unstarted
Common code packages/lib/ N/A 🟡 In-progress
Scripts packages/data/ N/A ✔️ Stable


$ yarn

# Optional: Sync GitHub contributions to data/scraped/
$ yarn github  # Assure GITHUB_API_TOKEN is set

# React
$ cd packages/react/
$ yarn start

# Vue
$ cd packages/vue/
$ yarn start

# Angular
$ cd packages/angular/
$ yarn global add @angular/cli
$ yarn start

# inside any of the 3, to build:
$ yarn build  # Build to dist/

Optional: Pull GitHub contributions

This isn't required as stub data preexists in packages/data/scraped.

Create a GitHub Personal Access Token and set it in env, ideally .bashrc / .zshrc / etc. via export GITHUB_API_TOKEN=INSERT_TOKEN_HERE. Check env | grep GITHUB_API to verify terminal has the variable set.

Edit your username in packages/scripts/github.ts and run yarn github in the project root.

Project specific tasks

react, vue, angular

Start dev server / live reload:

yarn start

Build to dist/:

yarn build

Lint project

yarn lint

Package updates (requires ncu):

yarn ncu

# Apply package updates to `package.json`
yarn ncu -u


Download latest github color mapping:

$ yarn workspace @tony/cv-data run github-colors


Run jest tests

yarn workspace @tony/cv-lib run jest

Global tasks

Install all packages:

$ yarn

Lint all packages:

yarn workspaces run lint


  • packages/angular/: Angular

  • packages/vue/: Vue.js version

  • packages/react/: React version

  • packages/lib/: Common code (reducers/filters code, initial data collections)

    lib/search.ts - Search manager for filtering / faceting state. Each application uses this to hold raw state (of all activities, places), current filters, and filters/items available with filters applied.

    This essentially replaces what a global storage, such as redux/vuex. So there's no need to have three systems. And this is custom tailored to the job being done. Which in a sense increases readability.

    It has write inherent write protection and safety as it's just an ordinary ES2015 class

  • packages/scripts/: GitHub Scraper

  • packages/data/: initial data

    • my_actors.json: Actors noun, person, place, thing, etc.
    • my_activities.json: Activities verb, action, event, happening in relation to an actor
    • scraped/: data pulled from remote API's (such as scripts/github.js)
      • gh_activities.json: Pull requests for users except yourself / your own repos. Same format as my_activities.json, combined.
      • gh_actors.json: GitHub Repos. Same schema as my_actors.json), combined.

Version 2 (Under development)

  • Written from scratch

    No vue-cli or create-react-app

    Better understanding, control of what's being used

    Spin-off core webpack starter projects. MIT licensed. Fork to add your own loaders / wire-in to your project:

  • Typescript

    • Typed webpack configuration (webpack.config.ts)


    • React: Typed components

    • Libraries / Common code: Typed Github commit fetcher

    • Libraries / Common code: Typed data structures

  • Lazy loaded, split chunks, smart initialization

    Utilize new splitting, dynamic import, React.lazy support in Webpack 4.x (

    Care taken to load essential stuff first and packages like moment (in itself split) last. Some experimentation is done here to find a balance of how to present the interface initially and can be tweaked overtime.

  • Smaller stuff

    Internal data props using underscores now are camelCase, e.g. repo_url -> repoUrl


@IonicaBizao/github-colors - For data/gh_colors.json (via yarn workspace @tony/cv-data run github-colors), license MIT

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