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higher-kinded numbers
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Arrays are higher-kinded numbers that can be indexed into with an Int list. Higher-kinded numbers are things with a non-primitive type that we wish to use the usual numerical operators on (+,-,*,/,abs).

This is an experimental library that:

  • allows shape to be specified at both the type and value level.
  • provides operators at value and type level to help manipulate shapes.
  • Provides fixed and dynamic arrays with the same API.

Performance experiments are located in numhask-bench

Usefulness of the array language that results from this treatment is yet to be explored.

API of an array language

See for context and a sketch of an intermediate typed array language effort.

The operators that result from using the Representable type - separation of size tracking at compile level, from computational at runtime - ends up looking like APL.

Matrix multiplication in APL is +.x and in numhask-array is dot sum (*). There is a slight increase in abstraction by explicitly exposing the fold in the algorithm, but the expressions are both very neat and abstracted away from the specialisation of multiplying matrices.


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