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Prototype tutorial and code challenge for Mozilla's Webmaking 101 initiatives

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This is an attempt to prototype an interactive tutorial and challenge platform for the Mozilla Webmaker initiatives like and storything. It's based off some of the design thinking Jess Klein has done on instructional overlays.

The sample tutorial in this prototype teaches the user how to write their first HTML tag. The user can use the scrubber at the bottom-right of the screen to review the tutorial movie. At the end of the movie, the user is prompted to type their own HTML tags into the editor; anything they type is automatically undone as they scrub to earlier points in the movie, and automatically redone when they reach the end of the movie.


The tutorial uses Popcorn to construct a "movie" that automates the user interface of a two-paned HTML editor with an instructional overlay. At the end of the movie, a coding challenge is presented to the user, which they must complete in order to finish the tutorial.

See tutorial-script.js for a high-level picture of how this is scripted.

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