Inspired by RubyKoans and JavaScript-Koans, this is an attemt to write such koans for C/C++.
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Inspired by RubyKoans and JavaScript-Koans, this is an attempt to write such koans for C/C++.

Some ideas were taken from PointerKoans.

###Prerequesites You will need CMake.

And of course a C++ compiler. I just tested it with a recent GCC.

##How to walk the path to enlightment

  1. Get the sources

     git clone git://
  2. Create a build directory

     cd CppKoans
     mkdir build
     cd build
  3. Configure the build

     cmake ..
  4. Compile

  5. Run


Now follow the instructions printed from the very beginning.

The files, you will need to edit are in CppKoans/koans. Each time you saved a file and want to rerun the koans, you need to compile it first. Thus, walking the path to enlightment is a repetition of these steps:

  1. Edit and save a file in CppKoans/koans

  2. Compile in CppKoans/build by running make

  3. Read the master's reply with ./CppKoans/build/CppKoans

##Adding further Koans ###To existing episodes Just define a new private void function without parameters in the bottom section of the episode's header file it should belong to. Then go to the implementation file of that episode and implement your new koan. Finally add your newly created koan to the run() function in the header file of that episode and increase the num_tests counter by one (or whatevery amount of koans you added).

###New episodes There is a sample episode, which can be used as a template for new episodes. After copying and renaming of ~/headers/koanXX_sample_koans.hpp and ~/koans/koanXX_sample_koans.cpp the following steps are necessary:

  1. add the implementation file to ~/koans/CMakeLists.txt

  2. add the header file to ~/headers/all_koans.hpp

  3. enable and activate the new episode in ~/cppkoans.cpp

##Licence MIT License Copyright 2012 Torbjörn Klatt - opensource eht torbjoern minus klatt dot de