A tox plugin to run one or more Docker containers during tests
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A tox plugin which runs one or more Docker containers during the test run.

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Usage and Installation

Tox loads all plugins automatically. It is recommended that you install the tox-docker plugin into the same Python environment as you install tox into, whether that's a virtualenv, etc.

You do not need to do anything special when running tox to invoke tox-docker. You do need to configure your project to request docker instances (see "Configuration" below).


In the testenv section, list the Docker images you want to include in the docker multi-line-list. Be sure to include the version tag.

You can include environment variables to be passed to the docker container via the dockerenv multi-line list. These will also be made available to your test suite as it runs, as ordinary environment variables:

docker =
dockerenv =

Port Mapping

tox-docker runs docker with the "publish all ports" option. Any port the container exposes will be made available to your test suite via environment variables of the form <image-basename>_<exposed-port>_<proto>. For instance, for the postgresql container, there will be an environment variable POSTGRES_5432_TCP whose value is the ephemeral port number that docker has bound the container's port 5432 to.