Automatically generate ctags for rbenv Ruby stdlibs
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Automatically generate ctags for rbenv Ruby stdlibs

I've got tags for my code base. I've got tags for my gems. All I'm missing is tags for Ruby stdlib. Until now.


mkdir -p ~/.rbenv/plugins
git clone git:// \
rbenv ctags

You'll also need Exuberant Ctags. With Homebrew, brew install ctags. It is imperative that you make sure the correct ctags binary comes first in your $PATH. Check ctags --version to verify.


Run rbenv ctags <version> to index the given version. If you are using ruby-build as an rbenv plugin, this will happen automatically on install.

You need to configure your editor to look for tags files in the Ruby $LOAD_PATH. If you're using Vim, reasonably recent versions of vim-ruby (and optionally rbenv.vim) take care of that for you.

You might also want to use rbenv-default-gems to automatically install gem-ctags. Put it at the top of ~/.rbenv/default-gems so that it indexes all gems underneath it.