Deserialize JSON API formats into vanilla Ruby objects.
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Deserialize JSON API formats into vanilla Ruby objects. The simplest JSON API library at all altitudes above Earth centre.

# gem install json-api-vanilla
require "json-api-vanilla"
json ="articles.json")  # From
doc = JSON::Api::Vanilla.parse(json)[0].comments[1].author.last_name  # "Gebhardt"

Compare with jsonapi:

# gem install jsonapi --pre
require "jsonapi"
json ="articles.json")
doc = JSONAPI.parse(json)
comment_ref =[0][1]
comment = do |obj|
  obj.type == comment_ref.type && ==
author_ref =
author = do |obj|
  obj.type == author_ref.type && ==


JSON::Api::Vanilla.parse(json_string) returns a document with the following fields:

  • data is an object corresponding to the JSON API's data object.
  • errors is an array containing errors. Each error is a Hash.
  • links is a Hash from objects (obtained from data) to their links, as a Hash.
  • rel_links is a Hash from objects' relationships (obtained from data) to the links defined in that relationship, as a Hash.
  • meta is a Hash from objects to their meta information (a Hash).
  • find('type', 'id') returns the object with that type and that id.
  • find_all('type') returns an Array of all objects with that type.
  • keys is a Hash from objects to a Hash from their original field names (non-snake_case'd) to the corresponding object.


Copyright © Limited. All rights reserved. See LICENSE.txt in the project root for license information.