Organizational Super POM that integrates Maven central releases, code formatting and site generation.
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Trajano is an IT Consulting/Contracting delivery organization specialising in end-to-end enterprise architecture, systems design and development. It is founded by Archimedes Trajano [LinkedIn] [StackOverflow].

About this project

This project provides the Trajano organizational POM. In this project, the services used, overall reports, core plugins and managed plugin versions are specified along with branding details. In a way this codifies the Standards Information Base for the organization.

Coding standards

Coding standards are referenced on this plugin to define the rulesets that are used by Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs and m2e codestyle Maven plugins. The activation of these plugins are done on individual projects and not on this level.


The organizational POM version numbering scheme is a single numeric number. This is similar to the way Apache does their POM versioning. The only exception is when there is a build issue, but the core plugin versions and configurations have not changed and it had already been released to central.