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(Not maintained) Repomgmt Build Status

A nice and easy to use webinterface to manage gitolite.

Under development.

Even if it was developed with care i can not yet assure that it is ready for anything else than a preview. At the moment the only language supported is german.

Installation guide for Linux

  • install and start redis

  • create the needed users and add the repomgmt user to the gitolite group

    useradd repomgmt
    useradd gitolite
    usermod -a -G gitolite repomgmt
  • as the repomgmt user: create a public and a private key

  • install gitolite as the new gitolite user and use the public key of the repomgmt user

  • as the gitolite user:

    • edit .gitolite.rc of the gitolite-user. search for

      UMASK => 0077,

      and replace it with

      UMASK => 0007,
    • set the gitolite repository directory permissions so that the repomgmt user can access them

      chmod -R 770 /home/gitolite/repositories; chmod 750 /home/gitolite
    • add a post receive hook

      add a line like

      wget -q http://YOUR_URL_HERE/reindex\?secret=changeme -O /dev/null

      to /home/gitolite/.gitolite/hooks/common/post-receive (the secret changeme can be set in the application.rb)

      run now

      gitolite setup

      to set the hook up

  • as the repomgmt user:

    • clone the gitolite admin repository for later use

      git clone gitolite@
    • install ruby 2.2 and rails 4.2 (rvm works great for that)

    • set git username and email for the repomgmt user in the cloned gitolite admin repository

      git config --global ""
      git config --global "Your Name"
    • check out a fresh copy of repomgmt and run the tests

      git clone repomgmt
      cd repomgmt
      bundle install

      verify that all tests succeed!

    • configure the application (see in config/application.rb on the bottom)

    • setup the database and your user account (have the public key ready)

      rake db:migrate
      rake db:seed
    • start repomgmt by running

    • shut it down via


Sub Uri deployment

  • before running rails run

    export RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT=/repomgmt
    rake tmp:cache:clear


(not maintained) Web interface for managing Git repositories, tasks and users.



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