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Awesome Puppeteer Awesome

A curated list of awesome puppeteer resources for controlling headless Chrome (or Chromium) over the DevTools Protocol.

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Rendering and web scraping

  • headless-chrome-crawler - Distributed crawler powered by Headless Chrome.
  • decktape - PDF exporter for HTML presentation frameworks.
  • Puppetron - Demo site that shows how to use Puppeteer and Headless Chrome to render pages. Inspired by GoogleChrome/rendertron.
  • puppeteer-renderer - Generic web page renderer.
  • ReedD/crawler - BFS site crawler.
  • pupperender - Express middleware that renders PWAs for bots using puppeteer.
  • prerenderer - Framework-agnostic prerendering for sites and SPAs.
  • Apify SDK - Scalable web crawling and scraping library. 🕷️
  • webgif - Easily generate animated GIFs from websites.
  • whatspup - WhatsApp chat from commandline/console/cli.
  • Wbot - Configurable Whatsapp auto reply bot.
  • BrowserGap - Remote browser webview powered by Headless Chrome.


  • jest-puppeteer - Run your tests using Jest & Puppeteer.
  • mocha-headless-chrome - Run client-side mocha tests in the command line through Puppeteer.
  • angular-puppeteer-demo - Demos how to use Puppeteer in Karma.
  • expect-puppeteer - Assertion library for Puppeteer.
  • storybook-chrome-screenshot - Storybook addon to save screenshots of your stories via puppeteer.
  • e2e - End-to-end testing.
  • rize - High-level, fluent and chainable API provided library for puppeteer.
  • mochify - TDD with Browserify, Mocha, Headless Chrome and WebDriver.
  • tupe - A generic unit-testing runner for front-end.
  • puppetry - Scriptless E2E test automation tool.
  • wendigo - Puppeteer wrapper to ease test development.


  • Puppeteer Sandbox - Puppeteer sandbox environment as a service. Runs Puppeteer scripts and allows saving and embedding them in external sites and markdown files.
  • checkly - Monitoring SaaS that uses Puppeteer to check availability and correctness of web pages and apps.
  • url-to-pdf-api - Web page PDF rendering done right. Self-hosted service for rendering.
  • browserless - Headless Chrome as a service letting you execute Puppeteer scripts remotely.
  • FusionExport - Export dashboards or charts to PDF or images. Looks mature.
  • ProxyCrawl - Headless Chrome as a service.
  • – Turns any site into data.
  • HeadlessTesting – Headless Chrome testing with Puppeteer in the Cloud.
  • FloodRunner - Open-source monitoring solution using puppeteer tests.
  • The Browser Conference - A free half-day virtual conference focused on Browser Automation, Data Extraction and Testing.
  • Doczilla - SaaS API empowering the generation of screenshots or PDFs directly from HTML/CSS/JS code.




  • - Practical guides and runnable examples on Puppeteer (and Playwright).



Contributions welcome! Please read the contributing guideline first.



To the extent possible under law, Travis Fischer has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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