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A tip calculator build with HTML, SCSS and vanilla JavaScript!

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A Tip Calculator built with HTML, SCSS and vanilla JavaScript


If you would like to download the repo and check out the code, open up your terminal and paste in the following:

git clone

If you were able to clone it successfully, you should see the following in your project's root directory:

( You won't see the node_modules folder and that's okay. )

If you just want to browse the code, you will see the compiled SCSS as CSS in frontend/dist/styles as well as the javascript inside frontend/dist/scripts. The HTML file is located in the root directory.

Updating code

If you want to update and play around with the code, make sure you have node and npm installed. This project uses a gulpfile to track changes in files and output them into the dist folder.

Run npm start in the root directory of the project and npm will install all the project's dependencies and then spin up a local server. You should then see the calculator in the browser. To make changes to the code, you'll need to work in the src directory. frontend/src/styles and frontend/src/scripts


A tip calculator build with HTML, SCSS and vanilla JavaScript!






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