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This is the data collection follow-up to "Where are the numbers?"

Viewing Data

The easiest way to view the collected data is this Google spreadsheet:

Contributing Data

Please read the contributing guidelines. Thank you for helping to improve the data!

How does the spreadsheet get updated?

Right now, I manually run to pull the numbers out of data.txt and submit them to the Google spreadsheet.

Something like this:

python2 -d data.txt -s $SS_KEY

You can pass it in to your own spreadsheet by creating your own project in the Google Developers Console, generating a client ID for a web application with redirect URI http://localhost:8080/, saving those credentials into client_secrets.json, and running the script with your own spreadsheet key SS_KEY specified, where SS_KEY is the key found in a Google Docs spreadsheet URL:$SS_KEY

Questions / Comments / Concerns?

Please reach out to me on Twitter at @triketora or contact me via my website. Feedback on anything big or small is very welcome :)