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We make mobile apps. We are inspired with minimalism and simplicity. Our apps are beautiful, small, focused on their purpose, and easy to use.

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  1. slide slide Public

    Minimal presentation tool for Android, perfect for using Takahashi method

    Java 332 32

  2. jedux jedux Public

    Redux architecture for Android in good old java

    Java 278 12

  3. talalarmo talalarmo Public

    Android alarm clock

    Java 233 94

  4. slide-html slide-html Public

    Text presentation maker for a simplified markup language

    HTML 142 16

  5. android-router android-router Public

    A simple router (view dispatcher) for Android Activities and Views

    Java 65 7

  6. obsqr obsqr Public

    obsqr - minimalistic QR and barcode scanner for Android

    C 60 20


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