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Tools and libraries to glue C/C++ APIs to .NET
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CppSharp is a collection of libraries for working with C++ code from .NET.

It has multiple use cases, from parsing C++ code to automatically generating .NET bindings for wrapping C/C++ native code allowing interoperability with managed languages like C#.

This can be used to consume an existing native library in your managed code or add scripting support to a native codebase.

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  • Multiple backends: C++/CLI and C# P/Invoke
  • Multiple ABIs: Itanium, MS, ARM, iOS and iOS64
  • Multiple platforms: Windows, OS X and Linux
  • Virtual table overriding support
  • Multiple inheritance support
  • Easily extensible semantics via user passes
  • Work-in-progress support for STL (C++/CLI only)
  • Strongly-typed customization APIs and type maps


Mirrors the Clang's C++ AST and type system classes in C# APIs.

Check out Clang's AST introduction docs for more details about its architecture.

  • C++ declarations
  • C++ types
  • Class object layout
  • Declaration visitors
  • Type visitors


Provides APIs for parsing C++ source code.

  • Parsing of C++ source code
  • Parsing of libraries archives symbols
  • Parsing of shared libraries symbols
  • Based on the very accurate Clang C++ parser.


Please see the following resources for more information:

Getting Started

User's Manual

Developer's Manual


Feel free to open up issues on Github with any questions

Mailing list: Google group


CppSharp is used by the following projects:





FFmpeg bindings

Tizen bindings

libgd bindings

Please feel free to send us a pull request adding your own projects to the list above.


For professional services related to building custom wrappers and consulting please contact @ddobrev (dpldobrev at yahoo dot com).

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