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Not Another Useless Tab

Before landing at Svelte 3.0, I have developed this browser extension using two other solutions (with features of 2.6):

Getting started

Install the dependencies...

cd nau-chrome-tab

...then start Rollup:

yarn start

Navigate to localhost:5000. You should see your app running. Edit a component file in src, save it, and the page should auto-reload to update with changes.

Preview as real Chrome Extension

Follow these steps to run NAU Tab in Google Chrome as a developer.

  • Open the url chrome://extensions/ in Google Chrome.
  • Click to enable Developer mode so that you see developer options.
  • Click the "Load unpackaged extensions..."
  • Browse to the location where iChrome repo is installed, and select the sub-directory public as the extension source.
  • When you make change to the code for the tab page, just reload the tab.

Minimum supported browser:

  • Chrome 60 (install from here)
  • Opera 47 (install from here)
  • Firefox 57 (install from here.)
  • Edge (to be supported with new Chromium core)
  • Chromium-based browser: supported from Chromium 60

Build and Package

Compiles and minifies for production

Update public/manifest.json version and then run:

yarn build

Command will generate a build to public/, remove source map files and it's ready to be deployed. app/ folder is a snapshot build for current version.

Lint and fix files

yarn eslint

Unit test with Jest

yarn test


Copyright 2019 Thanh Tran - Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0