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Mason feature deployment quickstart for VanillaJS applications
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Mason feature deployment quickstart - VanillaJS

This is a quick starter kit to get you up and running with Mason immediately. Mason features are meant to be built as discrete components and deployed into your existing codebase. If you don't have a codebase to start with, then this is for you.

Clone the repository

Use Git to clone this repo to your local machine.

  $ git clone
  $ cd javascript-quickstart

Open index.html and paste in your API key and project ID

Replace these values with your API Key and Project ID

Paste in your components where you want them.

Look for "<mason-canvas>" and replace the demo component with your own.

Save and open up index.html in a browser - that's it!

Paste one or many Mason components onto the page (there's a demo Canvas already deployed for you as an example).

Questions? Feedback? Send us an email at

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