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tsani's Pushbullet tools


This repository contains several (ahem two ahem) applications for interacting with the Pushbullet API: tpb and pb-notify.

The former provides a command-line interface to some of the Pushbullet API endpoints. The latter listens to the Pushbullet realtime event stream and dispatches notifications (libnotify).

Read more about these applications in my blog post.



  • multiple output formats:
    • for standalone usage, nice human-readable formatting; and
    • for usage in scripts, tabular output as JSON separated values.
  • list devices.
  • list SMS threads on a device.
  • list contents of an SMS thread on a device, either:
    • by thread ID; or
    • by fuzzy-matching the recipient's name to find the thread ID.
  • send SMS, either :
    • by giving an explicit phone number; or
    • by fuzzy-matching the recipient's name to find their phone number.

tpb comes with a helper script sms that provides a more intuitive command syntax; just type sms to jacob "hello world" to send a text message!


Sends libnotify notifications when:

  • SMS are received by any of your connected devices
  • Pushes are received by any connected devices